Bingley’s very own The Sheratons make a noisy entrance with the release of their debut single- ‘Better Days…’

Sounding gritty and youthful; bleak yet spirited, The Sheratons seem set for an 80’s revival with their brand of breezy pop. Opening with the catchy charm of a vintage bassline, Better Days (listen below) combines an aesthetic of revivalism with a touch of originality. With a down-to-earth approach and commitment to lyrical honesty, front man Kane Bulleyment leads the band through the track with his slick lead guitar and gravelly vocals, all the while the rhythm section crashes through an evocative chorus. The Sheratons will appeal to those with a soft spot for bands like The Cure and The La’s. Choosing to keep things simple, this bands appeal comes from their familiarity.

Written by Francesca Louise. Francesca Louise is a singer-songwriter and sometime music writer. She recently joined The Culture Journal as a contributor.