Shanghai Blues: ‘Tense’

Shanghai Blues
Photo: Ant Adams Photography


With a catchy tune or two under their belt and with hype intensifying, London four-piece Shanghai Blues let loose their latest single…

Shanghai Blues are a band with a buzz right now. With support coming from tastemakers over at Spotify, Apple Music and BBC Introducing, people have started to get excited about the London four-piece.

On a first listen it is not hard to hear why. The quartets latest single, ‘Tense’ (listen below), is yet another great guitar pop record from a band that has already proven that they’re capable of writing a catchy tune or two. The track kicks off in explosive fashion, whilst later teasing the listener with cheeky tempo changes and lyrical rhymes that slide off the tongue. What’s more, whilst the overall feeling of the track is that of feel-good indie, this is not to say that the song lacks depth. Sure enough, lead singer James’ gentle though evocative voice stirs the sincere sentiments underlying the track, all the while the band follows suit.

With BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy calling herself a ‘big fan,’ and having recently embarked on their first mini-tour of the UK, ‘Tense’ is sure to become Shanghai Blues’ latest sing-along anthem.