Queensburys: ‘Won’t Shut Up’



Rowdy, gritty, and effortlessly cool, Alternative rockers Queensburys hit the right spot with their debut single, ‘Won’t Shut Up…’

If you’re the sort who likes bands to come with an attitude, then Essex four-piece Queensburys are just for you. The alternative rock band comes packaged with the swag and attitude characteristic of all the best bands, supplying an angsty brand of guitar music in an unforgiving fashion.

The lads’ debut single, ‘Won’t Shut Up’ (listen below), smacks you in the face from the word go. Opening with a pumped-up riff and propelled by a punchy rhythm section, the track sends shocks through the body like a live wire. Thomas Champions gruff vocal delivery, too, carries the melody in a fashionably drunken slur, all the while the tight knit performance conveys an aura that is effortlessly cool.

All in all ‘Won’t Shut Up’ is a great testament to the spirit of rock n’ roll. Though whilst it is rowdy, dirty and full of energy, the band say that it is ‘laying the foundations of the madness to come.’ Well, if this is just the beginning who knows what might come next, but I for one am looking forward to finding out.