EXRCM: ‘Loite’



Having set up base in Berlin, Italian Alternative rock band  EXRCM combine the musical and visual for the release of their debut English EP: ‘Loite…’

Although we may share our urban environments, they can be the loneliest and most alienating of places. In the dizzying race through existence, little do we consider that the cities we inhabit are populated by individuals like ourselves.

EXRCM have combined the musical and the visual for their first English EP in an effort to document the lives of three modern urbanites. Based on three video documentaries shot in Berlin, ‘Loite’ is a great reminder of how the music video can be harnessed as an effective creative medium. The motive behind the project, explain the band, is to show ‘how different people are in the world and to prove that everyone has a story to tell.’

This is something the band know all too well. Having grown up together in Northern Italy, the three piece were lured to Berlin by the promise of opportunity. But in spite of the initial thrill of the continents music capital, the city has ultimately disappointed them. As a result the EP feels personal as well as detached. The bands own experiences in Berlin, it seems, has imbued them with a sensitivity to the nuances of city life.

In its combination of evocative sounds and exquisite cinematography, the EP dramatizes the events of ordinary existence. The three films are touched by visual poeticism, allowing us to peer into the private lives of three Berliners, all the while the music is filled with ambient drama. At times the music is purely emotive, whilst at others vigorous and intense, but what one gets most from the EP is a sense that the band knows how to tell a story through their art.

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