With a sound akin to a wild circus fanfare, Kent quartet Crybaby Special will have you in jitters with their latest single- ‘Let the Boy Down…’

One thing strikes you when listening to Crybaby Special’s latest unhinged single; that is, you can’t help but wonder how on earth they keep things together. Much of the quartet’s charm, however, comes from the fact that they always sound on the verge of falling apart, though somehow manage to keep standing. This ramshackle approach to music making has earned them the affection of fans and critics alike, and all for good reason.

The band’s latest single, ‘Let the Boy Down’ (listen below), will have you in jitters as it veers through rhythmic changes, jumping beats and overall wacky musical goodness. ‘Let the Boy Down’ is typical of Crybaby Special’s eccentric brand of indie and Ska Punk. The track is raw, energetic and even dark with its rough guitars and disorienting organ, whilst the production is basic and song craft wonderfully disjointed. In the end, it is hard not to agree with the Libertines’ Carl Barat when he described the band as ‘proper boss.’

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