Beija Flo overcomes a rare health condition with the release of her debut single- ‘One of Those Things…’

It is always refreshing to hear music that is deeply personal, but also socially relevant. Having spent years honing her craft, developing her sound and collaborating with a number of underground producers, Liverpool-based Beija Flo has emerged with a brave debut single, and one that will gain her much admiration.

Describing her sound as ‘‘doomed pop/sad-core’’, Beija Flo’s debut- One of Those Things (listen below)- depicts her experience living with ‘‘MRKH syndrome,’’ a rare condition affecting 1 in 5,000 women in which a girl is born without a womb. The track, both stripped-back and ambient, captures the gentle aggression and silent distress that defines living with the condition. Incorporating synths and atmospheric reverb to a mellow piano progression, the songwriter has rightfully drawn comparisons with artists such as Goldfrapp and Bat for Lashes. On the other hand, it is clear that Beija Flo has her own distinctive voice, and has the conviction to do things her way.

Most striking perhaps is the pathos in her voice, though there is something comforting in her sadness: she may be hurting but music is a way of overcoming. This can be heard in everything from the songs raw arrangement to its haunting harmonies. The attraction of Beija Flo is her ability to create an intimate space between herself and the listener, wherein you almost feel as though peering into a private diary. As she invites you into her private thoughts, the tone can at times seem vulnerable yet defiant, fragile though strong, and whilst the track is musically invigorating, it is also emotionally heart-breaking. However much her music may be a way of dealing with a personal condition, as listeners, we nevertheless receive it as a gift.