Scottish three-piece L-Space venture outta space for the release of their latest single- ‘Space Junk…’

The theme of space has long held a place in our collective imagination. Something about that dark and unending expanse has always invited us to marvel and wonder. It is no surprise, then, that many our favourite artists have looked beyond the skies for inspiration. We only have to think of Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ or even The Killers’ ‘Spaceman’ for examples of when our love of sci-fi has passed over into pop music.

L-Space remind us that pop music can be about more than danceable beats and catchy hooks- they remind us that it can be imaginative and creative. Combining retro synths and dreamy guitars with a touch of ethereal vocals, the electronic pop trio write songs about the future in cinematic fashion. But for all that they deal with themes of sci-fi, the bands concern remains with the realities of being human. The band’s latest single, ‘Space Junk’ (listen below), acts as a metaphor for the very human experience of feeling lost and bereft. ‘Sometimes it just gets too noisy in here,’ sings Lily in the opening lines, ‘so I drift off through the atmosphere.’

Such rhyming couplets define the tracks soft on the ear lyricism, whilst shimmering sound effects paint the cinematic sound space. The intense bass, delicate vocals and warm synths all commingle in a sort of imaginative space jam, but the result is a track with lots of feeling.

L-Space are a band with a very distinctive brand of escapism, much suited to our modern age. If you have ever wondered what music from outta space sounds like, then this electronic outfit will give you an answer.

You can listen to all of L-Space’s music on Soundcloud and Spotify